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Welcome to social Axcess.
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We are so excited to help make your dreams become a reality. 

Social AXcess will transform your business.

Before we get started on our masterpiece we just need a few things from you. Below is the proposal outline that we sent you with all the same information. All you have to do is give us your “online signature” and a required 15% (minimum) downpayment and we can get started on your new website! 🙂 

Paintball website proposal

Social AXcess will create and design a completely functioning informational website according to the proposal.

 Social AXcess will create a brand new website with the specific features listed on page 4.

We estimate that the Initial code, restructuring, and redesign of the website will take approximately 3 weeks. After these 3 weeks, we will begin the testing phase. In this phase, we will alter the designs, fix bugs, and lock In the final design and structure.

After this website Is finished, the site will not only look better but perform more smoothly.

TOTAL: $7,237.95

    Date of Acceptance:

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