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Benefits of Podcasts

6 Reasons every Business should Start a Podcast

Benefits of Podcast
Benefits of Podcast. Social AXcess Consulting.

Benefits of Podcasting

How can Business benefit from podcasts?

Everyone can see that the digital world is taking over. Successful businesses have been adapting and changing their business models to fit the online revolution. Content in various forms is a great way to get your business’s name in your consumer’s mind.

In my previous blogs, I talk about new aged marketing tactics. It can be seen that they are completely different from the old “traditional methods”, however, the principles of consumption haven’t changed. It is still audio, visual, and text. Businesses can benefit from podcasts.

Podcasting has generated huge popularity over the past couple of years. A podcast is a set of audio files that are on the internet, that are available for download. Users are able to subscribe to receive weekly episodes. Businesses today are utilizing podcasts to improve their prospects, which is a very powerful marketing tool. In this blog post, you will learn the benefits of podcasting for your business.

Benefits of Podcast | They are an Alternative to Video

Video is obviously a very crucial component for any digital marketing campaign for businesses. However, there are a lot of reasons some businesses cannot record videos. They may not have the equipment or the professionalism. The number of variables when it comes to making a video look professional enough to portray your business is essential to the considerer. Lighting, sound, background, actors, etc.

Video also requires a higher budget, however when it comes to podcasting, all you need a microphone to get your content and message into the world. We really recommend video recording your podcast, if you don’t have the means, that is totally fine. To benefit from podcasting you just get your idea out there.

Benefits of Podcast | Help Build Better Relationships

 Unlike regular social media posts, podcasting is a one-sided medium. Meaning, the listeners cannot actively reach out during the podcast. The benefits of podcasts are able to give the listener the opportunity to get to know the speaker (business owner). When it comes to business, people are a lot more likely to do purchase from someone they already have a relationship with. Having a podcast gives instant rapport when you are conducting business with a listener.

Benefits of Podcast | Increases Traffic

 Having a podcast allows you to reach out to brand new audiences for your business. This can help build brand awareness and engage with a different demographic. A lot of podcast listeners subscribe, so the more content you put together, the more potential customers will listen. Having a podcast will drive more traffic onto your website because listeners tend to tell people about your content, which will get people interested in you, and your business.

Benefits of Podcast |Podcast are Very Engaging

 Podcasts can be very persuasive. In a survey conducted with 300,000 podcast listeners, 63% present of the respondents said that they had bought what the host had promoted. This gives social proof that audiences are easily influenced regarding their buying decisions from listening to podcasts.

Benefits of Podcast | Improves Speaking Skills

Another benefit of podcasts and hosting an episode weekly, even biweekly, can improve your speaking skill immensely. As a business owner, speaking skills are so important to convey your brand in a professional way to drive potential customers to purchase from you. If you are able to do this via a podcast, your listeners are more likely to buy from you.

Benefits of Podcast | Very Easy to Create

 Starting your own podcast does not include a lot of steps. All you really need is a decent plot and a good quality mic. Most computers have basic software installed to record audio, on Mac you can use garage band. Then you have to implement a marketing strategy to get your voice out there and attract listeners. We specialize in taking podcasts viral, contact us today for a free consultation.

Our company is starting a podcast this week, so make sure you keep your eye out for our episodes. We plan to have successful entrepreneurs on as guests and dive into their success story. We also have some fun games to keep our listeners entertained.

Benefits of Podcast
Benefits of Podcast. Social AXcess Consulting.

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