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How to see if your SEO agency is stealing from you!

Out of all of the services we offer, SEO is the hardest one to track. If we look at social media accounts, we can see follower growth, and post engagement. When we track Google ads, we can see the CPC and Conversion rate. However, when we look at SEO we can’t see everything, so it is hard to see if your SEO agency is stealing from you! In this blog article, we will teach you how to weed out the BS that most of these SEO agencies sell to you!

Our SEO Audits

Before working with a client we do screening just to see if they would be a good fit for our firm, meaning if we can actually give them a positive ROI.  Within the screening, we run a Marketing Audit that basically shows us what they are currently doing online. There have been multiple occasions when conducting SEO Audits when a website doesn’t have any data or evidence of anyone doing any SEO work on their website, or even offsite SEO. However, these businesses said that they were paying an agency between 800-1,500 dollars a month to perform SEO services. SEO is very hard to track unless you have certain software that tells you how well your website ranks. An SEO agency stealing from businesses happens too often for businesses not to invest in these different software’s.

Do It Yourself

One free service you can check is tool lets you find some crucial components within every SEO strategy.


All you have to do is type in some very simple information, then click, “create my report.”

Social AXcess Consulting


From the report, you can view the following: Overall SEO “Score Summary”

Social AXcess Consulting


Rank Analysis:

Social AXcess Consulting


Link Building (VS. Competitors):

Social AXcess Consulting


On-Analysis & Website Accessibility:

Social AXcess Consulting


These are just the basics when it comes to seeing your SEO efforts. We at Social AXcess Consulting know how to find out if your SEO agency is stealing from you! Contact us today to find out!

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